XTREMEGUARD: Two Channel 4.5″ Extreme Duty Cable Drop Over


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XTREMEGUARD: Two 4.5″ size channels
Extreme Duty Cable Protector
Strongest & Most Durable Drop Over Available


Designed with our new “Y” Tread Pattern these products are designed to withstand load bearing of between 300-500 tons for large mining trucks.

This Heavy Duty DropOver offers Two 4.5” size channels with handles on both sides of the product.

Designed for extreme heavy load conditions in any industry, these products can withstand the most brutal and demanding environments.

Ability to add counter-sunk holes for additional support to anchor to ground.

Product weight: 130 lbs

Dimensions: 27.5” Long x 40” wide.


Additional information

Weight 59 lbs
Dimensions 27.5 × 40 × 6 in

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