XTREMEGUARD: Single channel, 6″ Xtreme Duty


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SKU: XG1600

Single channel, 6″ Xtreme Duty

12 foot wide ramps provide comfortable slope for equipment & vehicles

Ability to add Additional Channels

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Elasco’s XG1600 offers a 6″ size channel, our newest and strongest product is designed to handle the heaviest equipment on earth.

One Complete Set includes each side of the Ramp, a Channel, Lid, and reinforced fiberglass rods to give the products extra connection support.

This product has the ability to add as many channels as possible by adding XG6C which includes an extra Channel, Lid and Rods.

This long ramp provides a friendly slope to large construction/mining equipment and is car friendly so that can be used in parking lots and all roadway traffic.

XG1600 Technical Drawing Xtreme Guard Flyer

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