The use of cable guards/cable protectors and dropovers present unique issues when attempting to create safe paths of travel. OSHA and ADA guidelines as well as the NEC (National Electrical Code) have unique attributes that you’ll need to familiarize yourself with as they relate to your application. Local fire marshalls usually have the final say when it comes to compliance at an event. Strict adherence to all available guidelines will help you to insure that your event goes off without a hitch and the public is safe throughout.

Various questions will need to be answered as you lay out your cables and hoses;

Are our products being used for Indoor or Outdoor use?

What Surface will they be used on?
Paved Concrete
Turf of Grass

What kind of traffic will travel over our cable ramps?
Vehicle or Pedestrian?
Low speed or high speed traffic?
Car, trucks, forklifts, heavy machiney?
Does the path of travel need to be handicap accessible?

By answering these questions, Elasco’s products can assist in your solution to providing a safe path of travel, while simultaneously protecting your cables/hoses.

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