When purchasing your Elasco Cable Guards, be sure to consider all of your project requirements, including the number of channels, the size of the channels, and your load bearing

  • Step 1: When positioning your Elasco Cable Protectors, aim to have traffic approaching the product from the hinge side first. Avoid irregular surfaces where possible as flat surface is ideal for use and longevity; irregular surfaces allow water and other fluids to collect and create a slipping hazard.
  • Step 2: When connecting the pieces together, always have the female side on top of the male side of the product (see picture to the right). Push down on the pieces at the connecting points.
  • Step 3: Now you are ready to flip open the lid and insert your cables into your Elasco Cable Protectors. Start by placing cables in the channel closest to the leading edge. Be sure to always load the most sensitive cables and hoses closest to the hinge-side of your Elasco Cable Protectors. Do not overstuff the cables; this can cause damage or cause a tripping hazard. Once the cables are laid out, either tuck the lid under the lip of your Elasco Cable Protector or, if applicable, secure the buttons on the lid to the base of your Elasco Cable Protector.

Here is a Product Demonstration on how to properly connect ones’s protectors: