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Elasglow, XtremeGuard, Three-Channel, 4.5" Gullwing Cable Guard

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Key Features:

  • Three channels: Two 4.5" channels and one 2" channel
  • Measures 27.5" L x 32" W x 6" H
  • Supports up to 40,000 lbs. per tire

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Made In
Every Elasco product is manufactured in California from high-quality materials.
lifetime warranty icon
Against defects in workmanship and materials.
icon of the polyurethane construction
Better strength, durability and longevity compared to rubber, plastic and metal.
icon of low maintenance
Superior resistance to grease, oil and chemicals without cracking or degrading.
Made in the USA
100 lbs.
Outside Diameter:
Maximum Capacity:
40,000 lbs. per tire
Number of Channels:
More Information

Three channels: Two 4.5" channels and one 2" channel. Extreme-duty hose/cable protector. Black base with orange gullwing lid with Elasglow glow-in-the-dark stripes.

Designed for heavy load conditions in the most brutal of environments. Reduce equipment damage to electrical cables, water lines, hoses and pipes while also eliminating the trip hazard for foot traffic. Suitable for mining applications such as pit mines, construction sites, military applications and similar extreme environments where heavy machinery moves about frequently.

Manufactured with solid-cast polyurethane base and single-sided gullwing lid with hand-hold cutout. Patented gullwing design. The base features Elasglow technology and the lid is reinforced with fiberglass rod. Supports up to 40,000 lbs. per tire; designed to withstand total weight of 300-500 tons.

  • Three channels: Two 4.5" channels and one 2" channel
  • Measures 27.5" L x 32" W x 6" H
  • Supports up to 40,000 lbs. per tire
Usage Guidelines
Please note that activated glow material will appear dimmer if the viewer is in, or has been in, the sun or near other light sources. Light pollution will impact the visibility of the glow material. Glow is measured in milli-candellas, and in most true dark environments humans can see 3.7 milli-candellas once our eyes have adjusted (which takes most people between 15-45 minutes). Under pure darkness, Elasco’s glow material is visible for up to 40 hours once that dark-adaption has occurred.

Hot, Open-Cast Molded Polyurethane

Our polyurethane cable ramps are stronger than typical injection-molded polymers because the hot-cast process provides a long, slow cure and post-cure that enhances the cross-linking of the polyurethane molecule.

Patented Gullwing Design

We've introduced the first gullwing lid in the industry that comes in 4.5” size channels. Able to withstand the highest load capacity available, this patented lid design (Patent #D799941) allows the lid to connect to the base while providing extra in-use strength.

Unique Elasglow Technology

The embedded glow stripes helps increase cable ramp visibility in dark or low-light conditions, and is available as an option on at least one piece within each Elasco line. The embedded glow strips only require 10 seconds of UV exposure to fully charge, and will glow throughout the night with no maintenance, batteries or electricity required.