Care & maintenance of your Elasco Products–

ELASCO PRODUCTS use only the finest materials in the manufacture of our solid, cast polyurethane products.  We select the right materials for your applications based upon the recommendations of the finest raw material suppliers.  Our use of polyether based polyols versus polyester blends is a conscience choice based upon the following criteria;

ü  High abrasion resistance

ü  Superior chemical resistance

ü  Superior moisture resistance

ü  Easily cleaned up after use


Often your cable guards and dropovers will be soiled during the course of a special event or even in your workspace.  Due to natural or human elements one’s product may need cleaning and our products are easily cleaned due to their compounds. The use of detergents with grease cutting ability accompanied by vigorous spray/power washing will resolve most cleanup situations. Because our rods are reinforced fiberglass, they will not rust or need any additional cleaning.

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