All Elasco products have high load bearing resistance and may change from product to product. One of the many qualities of our solid cast polyurethane products is the high load bearing capabilities.

Cable guards and dropovers are subjected to human as well as vehicular traffic and as such must be able to support a well placed spiked high heel as well as a rolling semi tractor and trailer.

The forces of both are unique, however, the similarities, albeit brief, present a load for a moment in time.  The rolling force of a wheel presents a unique loading and unloading of forces as well as the reciprocal force of expelling the guard from beneath the wheel.

The loads for both examples are measured on a similar using a static PSI (pounds per square inch) scale, however, the movement and forces behind the rolling wheel are quite different.

The moment in time where the full load of the truck tire or high heel is present atop the guard can be measured and a value determined wherein the flex (give) or deflection of the guard can be observed and measured.

To find out the exact load bearing capabilities of each of our products, please contact us.



Polyurethane (PU) is widely preferred as the material of choice in applications where a high degree of tear strength is important.  PU is known for high tear resistance (initiation) as well as a high resistance to tear propagation, or the expansion of a tear.  Tear strength is often included in the topics of tensile strength, modulus and elongation as all use the ASTM D 412 method.  Testing method ASTM D 624, however, is the preferred method for measuring tear strength.

Tear strength is closely related to abrasion resistance and the correlation between tear strength and abrasion resistance is high.  Applications where cutting blades are used to cut materials like carbon fiber for instance are appropriate uses for PU.  The cutting of the material on top of a PU surface allows the blade to penetrate the material and although the PU is scored the forces required by the operator aren’t so strong as to destroy the PU material.

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