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Glow-in-the-Dark Visibility with Elasglow Cable Ramp Technology


With options available in every Elasco line, our patented Elasglow technology offers the most visible glow-in-the-dark cable protection in the industry. Engineered for enhanced safety in low light or nighttime environments, we have incorporated strips of the highest grade of strontium aluminate into our most popular cable ramp options. The strips only require about 10 seconds of UV exposure to fully charge, and maintain their visibility throughout the night. With no maintenance, batteries or electricity required, they are an ideal set-it-and-leave-it solution to ensure that pedestrians and vehicles aren’t left in the dark.

Elasglow strip material embedded in the side of LiteGuard Two-Channel Cable Ramp
Elasglow strip material embedded in the side of Elasglow LiteGuard Two-Channel Cable Ramp

ElasGlow Options in Every Collection

Originally featured on the UltraGuard collection, we now offer Elasglow technology cable ramp options on our dropovers, LiteGuard, MightyGuard, UltraGuard, XtremeGuard Gullwing and aircraft chocks.

Positioned lengthwise on either side of the ramped surface, the strips are clearly visible from either direction. Pair them with non-glow models in the same collection to create a customized solution on job sites, or at events.

Elasglow icon GIF
UV LightequalsElasglow

Understanding the Technology

Elasglow strips stay illuminated for up to 10 hours in pure darkness, although most will be in darkness far less than that. Pure darkness is where this material really shines. Looking at the Elasglow strips without dark-adapted eyes (which takes most humans 15-45 mins) will minimize the vibrancy of the glow material, as will light pollution.

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