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Cable Protectors vs. Dropovers


All Elasco Products can be used for your cable and hose protection needs!

Cable Protectors offer 360° protection and give the user access to their cables by opening and closing the lid on top. Dropovers drop over the product which may be an easier option based on installation and access but lack the bottom protection offered by a Cable Protector.

If the surface where the cables are set up is rough or irregular the use of Cable Protector will insure complete protection of the cables and hoses. If your application encompasses a setup where the cables or hose will be laid out on grass, sand or other similar, soft or non-abrasive surfaces the concern for 360° is less of an issue. The Cable Protectors also have more flexibility on an uneven surface and Drop Overs are usually only recommended on flatter surfaces.

Multiple Cables for Cable Protector
Cable Protectors offer multiple channels to segregate multiple lines and cables.

Load bearing is another consideration in determining which product is best suited for your application. Drop Overs are commonly used for pedestrian and light vehicle traffic as these products are intended for less robust applications where load bearing and the potential for wear isn’t as great of a concern.

Single Channel for Dropovers
Dropovers offer single channel for cable protection.

Another reason for using a Cable Protector versus a Drop Overs would be the need for cable organization. Cable Protectors offer multiple channels to segregate some lines or cables from one another, which may be imperative based on electrical current or hose separation/protection, whereas Drop Over offer only a single channel.

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