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Introducing the XtremeGuard Collection


PR released May 6, 2017

The Elasco XtremeGuard Gullwing Collection launched at the MinExpo last month in Las Vegas. With a great reception by the mining industry, the two- and four-channel 4.5" Gullwing products are now available across all industries and offering extreme heavy-duty protection for large cables & hoses.

 double gullwing design
Easily supports heavy equipment to protect important pipes and hoses

Both the XtremeGuard Three-Channel Gullwing Cable Guard and the XtremeGuard Six-Channel Double Gullwing Cable Guard were engineered for heavy load conditions in the most brutal of environments. They protect electrical cables, water lines, hoses and pipes from damage caused by large and oversized equipment while also eliminating the trip hazard for foot traffic. Because of their strength and considerable load capacity, they're suitable for mining applications such as pit mines, construction sites, military applications and similar extreme environments where heavy machinery moves about frequently.

Single and double gullwing design
Single and double gullwing design

Patented Gullwing Design

Because of the stress created when thousands of pounds of force roll over our XtremeGuard cable ramps, we designed a lid that not only protects the contents but also contributes to the structure of the cable ramp while in use. Proprietary to Elasco and fully patented, we offer XtremeGuard ramps in single or double gullwing models depending on how many pipes, hoses or cables require protection on your job site.

XtremeGuard Double Gullwings in use in a pit mine

Made in the USA

The XtremeGuard Gullwing Cable Guards are manufactured in the United States along with the rest of the Elasco Products family.

Elasco is made in the USA

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