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Cable Protectors

The Benefits of Polyurethane: Durable, Versatile and Highly Resilient


When comparing cable ramps, material type should not be overlooked. Elasco cable ramps are deliberately engineered using high-quality polyurethane, which offer a variety of advantages over natural rubber, plastic compounds, and metal.

Exceptional Durability

Polyurethane can withstand high levels of wear and tear, which is why it’s ideal for heavy-duty applications. It’s highly resistant to abrasion, impact and tearing.

Shock Absorption

It absorbs vibrations well, making it a good choice not only for cable protection for foot or vehicle traffic, but also in other applications such as shock mounts, suspension bushings, and other components.

Chemical Resistance

Polyurethane resists an array of chemicals, as well as oil, grease and solvents. On jobsites or in facilities where chemicals and fluids are present, it reduces the risk of hazardous fluid absorption and exposure.

High Load-bearing Capacity

Because polyurethane can support heavier loads than rubber or plastic, often beyond what it advertised, it is frequently used in applications where heavy loads and pressure is expected, from cable protectors with large equipment vehicle traffic to industrial conveyor belts, wheels and other heavy-duty components.

Excellent Temperature Resistance

From extreme cold to high heat, polyurethane withstands a range of temperatures without losing its unique physical properties. It won’t become brittle, crack or be compromised on outdoor job sites when exposed to nature.

Manufacturing Versatility

Because it can be molded, polyurethane can be used in many industries and applications. All of our cable protectors are thermocast, and once poured into the mold, they are allowed to cool slowly for optimal molecule cross-linking.

Although rubber, plastic and metal share some of the above qualities, they differ from polyurethane in that they don’t hit on all of them. One final benefit to polyurethane is that it results in a lighter weight product than rubber or metal; which, in the case of our cable ramps, is a huge benefit when setting up or taking down a temporary event or job site.

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