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Cable Protectors

ADA Cable Ramps for Venue Accessibility at Stadiums, Festivals and Public Events


When organizing large, temporary venue events including performances, sports, conventions, fairs or similar, having appropriate cable ramp protection is critical to maintain ADA compliance. Individuals with disabilities, such as those who use mobility devices, as well as persons with vision or movement limitations, must be able to safely navigate around or over the temporary cord and cable setups.

Understanding ADA Guidelines

Although the current ADA guidelines do not specifically address the topic of cable management, maintaining a clear, unobstructed path of travel, particularly for persons in wheelchairs or scooters, is at the forefront of ensuring that a public location is accessible.

Any vertical lip creates a challenge for wheels, which is why ADA requirements outline that for every 1” of vertical height, there must be a 12” ramp minimum to provide an appropriate slope.

Most heavy-duty cable protection on the market today is geared towards reducing damage caused by vehicle traffic, and the sharp gradient on those cable ramps does not meet the ADA guidelines of 12” for every 1” of vertical height.

Ultraguard ADA
Ultraguard ADA
UltraGuard 5-Channel 1.38" ADA Cable Guard

The Solution: UltraGuard ADA Cable Ramp

Our ADA-compliant UltraGuard Cable Ramp features elongated ramps on either side to meet the requirements for wheelchairs and similar devices. The modular design allows you to place them directly in the path of pedestrian traffic as needed, and the 20,000 lbs. per tire weight capacity means they do not need to be moved out of the way if equipment, trucks, or other vehicles pass over during set up or take down.

What Sets Elasco Cable Ramps Apart

The quality construction of Elasco cable ramps means they can be used year after year, event after event with limited wear or damage. They’re manufactured right here in the USA using 100% non-hazardous polyurethane materials and through an open cast molding system.

The open-cast, thermoset polyurethane provides a long, slow cure and post-cure that enhances the cross-linking of the polyurethane molecules. With more resistance than rubber, the material won’t degrade over time and is lighter for easier handling during set-up and take-down.

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