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Elasco Products has expanded the ELASGLOW Collection to include our MG3200 Three channel product as well as our ADA Compliant Ramps in black and blue. The ELASGLOW Collection offers the most visible glow in the dark cable protectors in the industry. In addition to our high quality urethane protectors, we have incorporated the highest grade of strontium aluminate which requires only 10 seconds of UV exposure to fully charge and will maintain its visibility throughout the night. Requiring no maintenance, batteries or electricity, these glow protectors are ideal for providing additional visibility when needed in dark conditions..

This ELASGLOW product originates from the UltraGuard collection which is versatile across all industries. Ranging from light to heavy duty projects, it offers a low profile cable ramp designed for easy vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Offering 5 channel and the first ever 7 channel protector on the market, this collection features Elasco’s exclusive lid design that enhances the safety of your product. The lid’s push button fasteners ensure the lid is properly closed and secure at all times. This collection now offers ADA Compliant cable protectors.

Elasco Cable Ramps are constructed with a solid cast polyurethane base and lid that are connected by a reinforced fiberglass rod that won’t rust or corrode. Our products hold up against natural and man-made elements and are compliant with safety requirements. With easy transportation and simple installation, our products can be configured to meet your needs. Backed by a lifetime warranty and offering premium material characteristics, our products are all Made in USA. We provide a basic solution to a basic problem. Whether it be pedestrian or vehicle traffic we help maneuver from one side of cables to the other side while keeping your cables absolutely safe. No matter the weight of your cargo, we will help you get to your destination in a safe and efficient manner.

GLOW DISCLAIMER: Glow is measured in milli-candella’s. The human eye, when dark adapted which takes most humans between 15-45 minutes, can see in the dark 3.7 milli-candella’s. Under the correct circumstances of pure darkness, our glow material can be seen up to 40 hours when the human eye has been dark adapted. Ideally, when viewing the glow material, your eyes should be dark adapted which means one has not been in the sun or other light source – this will keep one’s eyes from adapting between dark and light. If your eyes adjust from light to dark or there is light pollution present, the material will not look as enhances until one’s eyes re-adapt.



All Elasco products have high load bearing resistance and may change from product to product. One of the many qualities of our solid cast polyurethane products is the high load bearing capabilities.

Cable guards and dropovers are subjected to human as well as vehicular traffic and as such must be able to support a well placed spiked high heel as well as a rolling semi tractor and trailer.

The forces of both are unique, however, the similarities, albeit brief, present a load for a moment in time.  The rolling force of a wheel presents a unique loading and unloading of forces as well as the reciprocal force of expelling the guard from beneath the wheel.

The loads for both examples are measured on a similar using a static PSI (pounds per square inch) scale, however, the movement and forces behind the rolling wheel are quite different.

The moment in time where the full load of the truck tire or high heel is present atop the guard can be measured and a value determined wherein the flex (give) or deflection of the guard can be observed and measured.

To find out the exact load bearing capabilities of each of our products, please contact us.



Polyurethane (PU) is widely preferred as the material of choice in applications where a high degree of tear strength is important.  PU is known for high tear resistance (initiation) as well as a high resistance to tear propagation, or the expansion of a tear.  Tear strength is often included in the topics of tensile strength, modulus and elongation as all use the ASTM D 412 method.  Testing method ASTM D 624, however, is the preferred method for measuring tear strength.

Tear strength is closely related to abrasion resistance and the correlation between tear strength and abrasion resistance is high.  Applications where cutting blades are used to cut materials like carbon fiber for instance are appropriate uses for PU.  The cutting of the material on top of a PU surface allows the blade to penetrate the material and although the PU is scored the forces required by the operator aren’t so strong as to destroy the PU material.


The Solid Cast Polyurethane (PU) manufacturing process is widely preferred as the material of choice in applications where a high degree of load bearing, abrasion resistance and tear strength is important.

RIM (reaction injection molding) is widely preferred as the process of choice for applications such as automobile bumpers and panels as well as interior parts like dashboards and armrests.  RIM is a popular production process in light duty industrial manufacturing due to the ease of production and reduction in raw material usage. However for heavy industrial applications RIM products do not have the strength and resistance of solid cast manufactured products.

RIM processes produce esthetically pleasing products, however, their durability and resistance to wear and tear is well behind solid cast products.  Although similar materials are used in both processes, the cellular nature of RIM products, wherein, air is added to create the “reaction”, substantially reduce the ability of RIM products to withstand the rigors that cableguards and dropovers are subjected to in normal use.

If one were to cut open a RIM created product, it would look similar to a piece of Swiss cheese. There would be holes in the product due to air being introduced into the casting. Whereas a solid casted product does not have this quality and the end product is a more solid, dense part which has greater load bearing and tear strength.


Elasco Product’s Cable Guards & Dropovers are used in various industries and for a multitude of projects. Whatever your project, we have a common goal in protecting one’s cables/hoses/tubes and ensuring the safe travel of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. No matter the project our products always deliver on their goal.

In order to safely install and maintain our products, please adhere to our instructions below.

When purchasing your Elasco cable guard, make sure your projects requirements are met with your product choice. This includes your load bearing capacity, channels needed, and size of channel.

When positioning your cable guards, aim to have traffic approaching the product from the hinge side first. Avoid irregular surfaces where possible, as water and other fluids can collect and create a slipping hazard. When placing the connecting pieces together always have the female side on top of the male side of the product (see picture to left). Push down on the pieces at the connecting points using your hands or feet. This applies to linear pieces, turns, and end pieces.

Turns give the layout of your pieces more flexibility in set up and accessibility. End pieces assist in reducing tripping hazards presented by bare connector ends. Make sure the cable guards are easily viewable and additional signs or warnings are encouraged to reduce tripping hazards.

Once the pieces are all connected, try one’s best to have the pieces connected on as flat of a surface as possible. If you would like to anchor the cable guards to the ground, we recommend drilling holes at the corners of the base of the product before spiking the cable guards to the ground. If you are interested in us assisting with drilling holes for anchors, please request this with your order.

Now you are ready to flip open the lid and insert your cables into the cable guards. Start by placing cables in the channel that is closest to the leading edge. Be sure to always load the most sensitive cables and hoses closest to the hinge-side of the protector. Use the different channels effectively and efficiently to help identify your cables. Do not overstuff the cables as they may cause damage and can cause a tripping hazard. Once laid out, close the lid and secure buttons into the base or push lip of lid under the base piece.

Lids are unlikely to tear but if the products are not properly protected and are damaged, replace the lid or product piece immediately to ensure tripping hazards are minimized to the greatest extent.

When cleaning our products, simply use ordinary soap and water to wipe or spray the product.

We are not responsible for the misuse of any of the products that we sell and cannot guarantee performance because we are unable to control and ensure their proper use.


Elasco Products offers a solution to prevent damage to cables and improve site safety.

Steve Mieska, from Cox Communications, had a difficult challenge, how to move a 150 ton truck across an area covered with expensive and delicate cables without damaging the cables?

The obvious choice would be to cut the power, disconnect the cables and move them. Sounds easy enough, right? Unfortunately, as is often the case in jobsite situations, that just wasn’t possible due to time and cost constraints at the worksite. We all know that slowing down production always increases costs and headaches.

The solution was the Elasco MG5200 Cable Protector, a solid cast polyurethane cable protector designed to withstand vehicle and pedestrian traffic of all types while protecting the cables passing through the internal channels.

Steve later said, “After the 150 ton truck rolled across the ramps, the portion of the cable that was within the channels was unharmed…we were thoroughly impressed as neither the cables or cable protectors were damaged. We feel comfortable that whenever needed in the future, we will use Elasco Products cable guards to protect our coaxial and fiber optic cables.”

Elasco Cable ProtectionFrom Heavy Duty to Light Duty applications, Elasco manufactures high quality solid cast polyurethane cable guards and cable drop-overs that are both tough and durable. Elasco guards and drop-overs can be used to protect pipes, cables, fiber optics and all types of wires. Whether it be a 4” heavy duty hose or 0.5” wire that needs to be protected, Elasco’s products offer a variety of industries the solution to the protection needs.

Elasco Cable Guards are constructed with a solid cast polyurethane base and lid that are connected by a reinforced fiberglass rod that won’t rust or corrode so it will easily endure natural and man-made elements and it’s also compliantwith safety requirements. The cable guards are not biodegradable, non-hazardous and are compliant with OSHA and NEC.

When compared to other materials such as rubber, plastic and metal, Elasco Cable Guards offer stronger abrasion and corrosion resistance, higher load bearing capacity and are less likely to tear or crack. The bottom line is this, when you buy a better product it generally lasts longer and works more effectively thereby saving you more money in the long run – not to mention reducing headaches and costs today.

Other benefits are easy transportation and simple installation, Elasco products are configured to meet a variety of cable protection situations from indoor pedestrian traffic to preventing damage from extremely heavy vehicles. Elasco has been protecting cable and wires for over 25 years which is why they have the confidence to back all their products with a lifetime warranty. Best of all, all their products are made in the USA.



All Elasco Products can be used for your cable and hose protection needs.

Cable Protectors offer 360° protection and give the user access to their cables by opening and closing the lid on top. Drop Overs drop over the product which may be an easier option based on installation and access but lack the bottom protection offered by a Cable Protector.

If the surface where the cables are set up is rough or irregular the use of Cable Protector will insure complete protection of the cables and hoses.  If your application encompasses a setup where the cables or hose will be laid out on grass, sand or other similar, soft or non-abrasive surfaces the concern for 360° is less of an issue. The Cable Protectors also have more flexibility on an uneven surface and Drop Overs are usually only recommended on flatter surfaces.

Load bearing is another consideration in determining which product is best suited for your application.  Drop Overs are commonly used for pedestrian and light vehicle traffic as these products are intended for less robust applications where load bearing and the potential for wear isn’t as great of a concern.

Another reason for using a Cable Protector versus a Drop Overs would be the need for cable organization.  Cable Protectors offer multiple channels to segregate some lines or cables from one another, which may be imperative based on electrical current or hose separation/protection, whereas Drop Over offer only a singe channel.



Due to the various use of Elasco’s products, our cable guards and drop overs may come into contact with various chemicals on a daily basis. Due to our chemical process of manufacturing, our PU products hold up better than most materials when being exposed to other chemicals and have a strong chemical resistance.

The following table reflects the ability of polyurethane (PU) to withstand various, common chemicals.  In general, PU has GOOD to EXCELLENT resistance to most common substances.  For a more specific compound, i.e., jet fuel, please contact us (800) 827-7887.

Chemical resistance Table:

Chemical Rating Chemical Rating
Acetic Acid, 20% B Ammonium Hydroxide Solutions A
ASTM Oil #1 (70°C/158°F) A ASTM Oil #3 (70°C/158°F) B
ASTM Reference Fuel A A ASTM Reference Fuel B (50°C/122°F) B
Barium Hydroxide Solutions A Borax Solutions A
Boris Acid Solutions A Butane A
Calcium Bisulfate Solutions A Calcium Chloride Solutions A
Calcium Hydroxide Solutions A Carbon Dioxide A
Carbon Monoxide A Castor Oil A
Copper Chloride Solutions A Copper Sulfate Solutions A
Cottonseed Oil A Cyclohexane A
DOWTHERM A B Ethylene Glycol B
Freon – 11 B Freon – 12 A
Freon – 113 A Fuel Oil B
Gasoline B Glue A
Glycerin A n-Hexane (50°C/122°F) B
Hydraulic Oils B Hydrochloric Acid, 20% B
Hydrogen A Isooctane (70°C/158°F) B
Isopropyl Ether B Linseed Oil B
Lubricating Oils B Magnesium Chloride Solutions A
Magnesium Hydroxide Solutions A Mercury A
Mineral Oil A Naphtha B
Naphthalene B Oleic Acid B
Palmitic Acid A Phosphoric Acid, 20%-70% A
Potassium Hydroxide Solutions B SAE #10 Oil (70°C/158°F) A
Seawater A Soap Solutions A
Sodium Hydroxide, 20% A Sodium Hydroxide, 46% B
Soybean Oil B Stearic Acid A A
Sulfuric Acid, 5-10% A Sulfuric Acid, 10-50% B-C
Tannic Acid, 10% A Tartaric Acid A
Tricresyl Phosphate B Trisodium Phosphate Solutions A
Tung Oil B Water (50°C/122°F) A


Source: Gallagher Corp.


To find out the exact load bearing capabilities of each of our products, please contact us.


Care & maintenance of your Elasco Products–

ELASCO PRODUCTS use only the finest materials in the manufacture of our solid, cast polyurethane products.  We select the right materials for your applications based upon the recommendations of the finest raw material suppliers.  Our use of polyether based polyols versus polyester blends is a conscience choice based upon the following criteria;

ü  High abrasion resistance

ü  Superior chemical resistance

ü  Superior moisture resistance

ü  Easily cleaned up after use


Often your cable guards and dropovers will be soiled during the course of a special event or even in your workspace.  Due to natural or human elements one’s product may need cleaning and our products are easily cleaned due to their compounds. The use of detergents with grease cutting ability accompanied by vigorous spray/power washing will resolve most cleanup situations. Because our rods are reinforced fiberglass, they will not rust or need any additional cleaning.


The use of cable guards/cable protectors and dropovers present unique issues when attempting to create safe paths of travel. OSHA and ADA guidelines as well as the NEC (National Electrical Code) have unique attributes that you’ll need to familiarize yourself with as they relate to your application. Local fire marshalls usually have the final say when it comes to compliance at an event. Strict adherence to all available guidelines will help you to insure that your event goes off without a hitch and the public is safe throughout.

Various questions will need to be answered as you lay out your cables and hoses;

Are our products being used for Indoor or Outdoor use?

What Surface will they be used on?
Paved Concrete
Turf of Grass

What kind of traffic will travel over our cable ramps?
Vehicle or Pedestrian?
Low speed or high speed traffic?
Car, trucks, forklifts, heavy machiney?
Does the path of travel need to be handicap accessible?

By answering these questions, Elasco’s products can assist in your solution to providing a safe path of travel, while simultaneously protecting your cables/hoses.


The Elasco XtremeGuard Collection launched at the MinExpo last month in Las Vegas. WIth a great reception by the mining industry, the Two and Four Channel 4″ products are now available across all industries and offering Extreme Heavy Duty Protection for large cables & hoses.

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