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Understanding why ADA cable protection is important

When organizing a large temporary event such as a festival, concert, state fair or similar, having appropriate cable ramp protection will be critical to maintain ADA compliance for those individuals attending your event in wheelchairs, scooter or other mobility devices. Standard cable protection provides the strength needed to prevent or reduce damage to important lines when vehicles from golf carts to trucks roll over them, however they will feature a sufficient gradient to allow safe passage for pedestrians with limited mobility or those using mobility devices.

The solution

Elasco offers ADA-compliant cable protection options for our UltraGuard line that will not only assist those individuals who need additional assistance getting over cables and cable guards, but also provide ample protection against vehicle traffic. If your event requires trucks and small equipment to set up booths, or features carnival rides positioned by semi-trailers, food trucks and other large vehicles, having cable ramps that serve both purposes will be a huge bonus.

The longevity of Elasco cable ramps means they can be used year after year, event after event with limited wear or damage.